Ample parking is available by the office entrance and there is wheelchair access.  Parents are welcome to sit in the rocking chair on the porch, or relax in the waiting room or go out and do errands or walk on the beach.  The couch is great for naps and there is often a spare office with fax, phone and internet access that parents can use for work if needed. 

Sue Wallington Quinlan, Ph.D.


I provide juices, water or hot chocolate to drink and various snacks including fruit, animal crackers, chocolate cats or whole wheat crackers from Trader Joe’s.  If your child has allergies or is picky about snacks (and that is often the child for whom a snack is most important), you can provide a more acceptable drink and snack combination.

If the child needs a break we sometimes go outside to the garden or the child can  occupy himself in the playroom (waiting room).  If a child is feeling under the weather, I will quickly call the parent and suggest we reschedule the appointment since I do not want to test when a child is not feeling at her best. Rescheduling is generally quite flexible and I urge parents not to hesitate to reschedule when a child is not feeling up to par. 

​​​Clinical ​​Psychologist

Specialized Practice of Diagnostic Assessment, Neuropsychological Testing, Psychological Testing and Educational Assessment