​​​Clinical ​​Psychologist

Specialized Practice of Diagnostic Assessment, Neuropsychological Testing, Psychological Testing and Educational Assessment

I work as an independent practitioner rather than as part of a group practice so that I am free to refer to other professionals without obligation. 

In addition to assessment, I consult with schools on classroom and learning issues, with companies on personnel selection and management, and with parents regarding assessments done by other professionals when additional interpretation and guidance might be helpful. 

I also consult with parents needing guidance in dealing with specific learning, behavioral or social issues.

Independent practitioner

specific issues

I track of the best people in the fields of tutorial services, therapies of various sorts, and educational advisement.  This allows me to make referrals focused on  individual needs and best interests of my clients.

expert guidance

Sue Wallington Quinlan, Ph.D.

I invite you to visit this site to decide whether my services are what you need,

and judge how my assessment might differ from other practitioners.


Concerned about your child’s development or performance, in school or society?

Seeking information to assist in educational planning?

Responding to a school request for an independent evaluation? 

Responding to your child's concerns about his own learning experiences?